Adult Romance Novel - Annabel


Mungkin kau tidak akan pernah tahu betapa aku mencintaimu ...

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Annabel - A Romance Novel
Penulis    : Cherry Zhang
Penerbit  : Grasindo
Harga     :  Rp 54.000,-


Annabel Joseph. perawat muda yang biasa—biasa saja. la memiliki karier yang disukainya, juga seorang kekasih lampan yang menyayanginya. Apa lagi yang diinginkannya? Namun. kesempurnaan semu itu hancur saat ia mendapati sang kekasih mencampakkannya demi wanila lain. adik kandungnya sendiri.

Untuk mengobati luka hatinya. ia menerima tawaran bekerja sebagai perawat pribadi. Dan di sanalah ia bertemu dengan Dominic Moreau, pria berdarah setengah Prancis yang memiliki tatapan kelabu yang dingin menusuk. Sejak awal. Annabel sudah merasakan getaran menakutkan setiap kali ia harus berdekatan dengan atasan barunya tersebut. Betapa Annabel mencintai pria ini. la siap hidup bersama dengan Dominic bahkan jika pria itu tidak akan pernah mencintai seumur hidupnya.

Sampai kapan Annabel akan bertahan mencintai pria itu? Dan. sampai kapan Dominic terlalu takut untuk mengambil kesempatan dan memperbaiki semuanya?

To Create Your Very Own Writing Nest


Been a long time, again... since my last updated.  Wew......

Okay, i found some articles that give some tips to create the atmosphere of writing and found it's quite useful.  So, gotta share it, hope these would do us some helps >.<

So, we sometimes find ourselves struggle with the difficulties of building some writing moods, or complaining about finding no suitable place to sit down and getting the idea out ofour head, and some other reasons that make us "ABSENT" in writing.  Find these tips below, then.

Find the right place
Think back the places that have made you comfortable before, go there, try to create the same atmosphere as before and find your mood back.
As for me, i find my own bedroom the most comfortable place.

What stimulates you to write
Okay, this is really important too.  If you are the kind of person that needs something to boost up your mood, to stimulate it.  Whether you are kind of person that loves to write in silence, with soft music background, with noise or loud voice, all you have to do is find it and bring those stimulations to help you take out your best.

 Find the right spot
Okay, then setting is also important.  You will need some appealing setting.  Whether it is a wonderful view of sea, trees, colorful lights, anything that would click with your mood.

Now, we move on to tactile stimulation.
Okay, figure it out what media do you want to do the writing.  Is it pen and paper, or computer or you like working with laptop?  Figure it out what you like best and stick with the choice.  Believe me, it will help you a lot.

 Good scent in the air
 Oh, this is one is really important too.  Scent is also a good stimulation.  You like scented air?  Or just fresh and clean air?  Maybe you love the smell of coffee and bread, then visit your favorite cafe.  Okay, the conclusion is that just find out what you like.

Now, we move to some serious thing.  Haha... find out whether you like writing with empty stomach or with some snacks you could feed yourselves while in writing.

Looking at the picture above, well i think i find back my mood of writing.  Actually i am eating right now while writing these tips >.< ahaha...  It does boost the mood, guys.

Make sure you have everything you need nearby
Okay, whatever you need in writing, remember to keep it close.  Is it the paper, the pen, the printer, some books for inspiration, dictionary, or some personal things that you feel significant or sentimental.

And now, the last but not the least, you might consider about the feng shui.
Yes, it is about belief, i know.  But you will find it comes in handy to create the right atmoshpere you are going to need. :)

 Now, let's prove these tips.  Create the best place we feel most comfortable and start to convert all of our ideas into some great stories >.< Aw, i will do so too :D



Eid Ul Fitr Mubarak


Been A "LONG" While... Yeah, i know =.=


Wooooow.......... since when i last visited this blog?  My, my.. even me has forgetten it :( but its really been like a long long while, hmm...

But well, here me sitting in the office and doing nothing but also couldn't go back because i will be the owl for tonight (on duty, man.. come one.. when it is be a interesting activity to do) just suddenly i open the link and buumppp... here i am looking at those resolution i made last year and it made me wondering... how far have i gone?  

But well, forget about those resolutions, i still keep on working on those but reading it tonight just like i get the new spirit injection and makes me more determine that before.  Its like a refreshment for me :D hehe... i am wandering again. Ok, ok... lets really put those aside first.

Now, i really hope i could blog oftenly.  Even just doing such stupid update, telling jokes or just humoring you, my readers and yes also myself. Haha.... 

Nah, nah... gotta back to the duty again.

Still, a lot happening these months... and sometimes i am not sure either it is better not happening or not.  But i guess afterall, God still loves me and i learn my lesson... again.  And more of it, if i ever doubt He exists, i would never doubted again.  He is the One that never leaves me on any situation and The One that always listens to my every prayer and lead me in some unexpected ways so that i could find the answers i long seeking for.  Thanks God, I always love You.

And for some additional information... this about my book :) hopefully it will be publish this end of the year.  I will inform more if i have get enough information bout it.  Still, pray for me >.< 

And still busy between working and private life and this and that.... writing is the thing i couldn't leave behind.  I almost finish a new draft and now my mind is floating with so many old ideas i have keep in my mind for whole year.  Ready to blow again :D 

See you again, don't know when but hopefully soon :)



Happy New Year 2012



So, another year has passed.  So quick... a lot of things has happened in 2011 and now... i have to face another new year.  New year, new resolution, new things would happen, i don't expect it would all be great, but whatsoever, this is life.  Therefore, i also have a lot of wishes and also hopes.  What 'bout you?

As for 2011, like i said, alot happened.  Not all of them were great, there were a time when i was so down and despaired, but i am glad, after all, i am standing up again.  It's not a great year for me, but i don't have to regret it too.  I learn a lot from my many failures, even i lost a lot, i gain a lot too.  I guess after all, this is what we call equalities, haha... :p  Complicated year for me, many memories i can't let it just go in vain, i will keep it  in my mind for the rest of my life, as a reminder, bittersweet memories that sometimes need to be open and been look back some other days. Still feel sad, still feel lost, still couldn't find the answer i am looking for.  Still wandering, still have many uncertainties and know nothing of what waiting for me ahead.  But like I said, after all this is life.  But, for many many failures that i try not to regret again, i also happy that this year has already give me many good times.  I am glad that i moved on.  First, it feels like heaven when i decided to go back with my old hobby, writing.  Through this year, i really write a lot and it pays me back greatly.  Been chosen as one of the top twenty in writing competition (wooow... feel so happy, even though i didn't win it, it already drives me to write)... and finally... FINALLY... i was able to published my first romance novel >.< thanks alot to Gradien and also Pak Khun, hehe.......  Oh yeah, for all of you who read this and haven't read my novel, please... do find it in bookstores, haha...... it called FOREVER MINE :)  And then, finally also one of my short story being published in the antologies book with another great author.  This time, have to thanks Kelas Cendol and our beloved head master :D

For other things, my career, my private life, i just hope it would go as smooth as now and even better in the coming year.  So, talking about resolution, wishes, hopes, what would i expect for my coming year???

Okay, here it comes........

1.  I hope to publish at least two novels in 2012 ;) even more would be AWESOME.. haha, but it would take a lot of hardwork and dedication

2.  I real hope that i could start writing in English and finish a story this year.  If it couldn't become a novel, then a novellet would be great too ^^ --- i am realistic, okay... i know my english language skill :p

3.  I want to write and finish some stories.  In it, i plan to write two special stories that has already bugged me through this year.  I would love to see it written down.  Will need alot of time and patience, and also hardwork to finish it, but i can't wait to see the package :)

4.  My career, i hope it would be much greater in 2012, haha... more income, more new experience, more fun, more network and alot of more more things... geez, don't you think i am too greedy? :p

5.  I wish that my new travel agent would be able to develop as fast as F1... LOL.. what's kind of comparation is it?  Haha.. after all.. this is another new project i am working on, i do hope it would take me as far as it could.  Yes, would be a lot of hardwork, but hey... i am ready.  If it's not now, then when?

6.  Then, God... i really would like to take a music lesson >.< haha.... seriously yes.  And maybe dance class :D i think bout it so so seriously.  Will find some good places to learn them :D

7.  Would want to do some leisure activities during some times this new year, hopefully could do some great travelling.  You know what... i would really like to visit Turkey :D

8.  As for my private life, i hope it would be great too.  Hopefully God would still bless me with what i have right now.  Career, prosperity, my love life, health, and still a lot a woman dream of, i want to have it all and perfect, wkwkwkwk.... :p Wake up dreaming, girl :D haha.. but it a wish, right?  Someone ever told me to believe in miracles, funny... that one that has broke my faith, but i decided to believe it this time.  Not hurt to try to believe it, right?

9.   Then, very important, i wish that my family would all stick together, live happily and prosperous. :D Esp, my grandma, i wish to be able to treat her better than before.  And wish to see her in perfect health and happiness.  As the rest of my family, i wish to see them success and happy with every thing they do :D

10.  Last but not least... hmm.. maybe even more wishes and resolution would come later. LOL.  I real hope that i would become a better person and this new year, i hope to be able to help people.  To lessen their burden, to crave their smile, to be more better than just some ignorant girl.  Start with people closer to me, i hope many would have the same resolution as me.  Together, let's create this world a better stay to place, a peaceful place we could call home :)

Hahaha........ reading it again, OMG... so many things i asked from myself.  But i have a great confidence for my coming year... I don't mind with alot of hardworks, but i real expect for its great results too :)  Feel sad to say goodbye to 2011, but once again, i have to move on.  I won't forget every smile, every tear, every laugh and every pain i got from this year, but heading for tomorrow is what i want to think about now.  Let's just keep those past memories as only a past, you could use it as a tool of learning, as a motivation, as a driver to make your life better, but never.. NEVER let it come to your way and hold your step. Don't let your past haunt you and dreaming of a better tomorrow.  Yes, dreaming... everything always start from dreaming.  Then it would depend on you to make it come true.  It's all bout will, it's all bout you want it or not.  It's all about depend on you, after all.

Okay, guess i have say alot.  Can't write even more and spend even more time in here.  I have alot to do, guys.  So, gotta start now.  You too.... :)  Then the answer i am searching for, i hope it would come along with it.  Answer of life :D i would find it somehow then :D

Lots of love,


Merry Christmas Everyone!!!


We wish you a Merry Christmas..............

We wish you a Merry Christmas.............

We wish you a Merry Christmas............

And a Happy New Year

Yaaaay..... Finally, Xmas is coming to your door!!!

So, for everyone who celebrates it... A Happy Merry Xmas for you.  Hope this season greetings will bring you wamth, love and prosperous troughout the rest of the year and also the coming New Year :D

Little Diary


 It's has been a long time since i updated this blog :( Yup, many things had happened.  But mostly is work, work and WORK.  Gosh, work is suck.  Especially when u get a demanding boss, trying to bossing you around.  Geezzz....  i guess boss never know that this word exists - Satisfied.  Come on... spare me some time. =.=  Has no time to do other stuffs, huft.....

But, leave behind the boring topic.  Good things do happen too :D hehe... recently just got good news from my publisher that my new romance draft is accepted.  Yaaaaay.... so happy :D thank you so much for the support and chances being given to me.  Hope it will be published soon >.<

And now... hmm.... exciting to write a new romance story.  Okay, a little bit spoiler, maybe...

 Hmm... know why i am exciting writing this?  Because i do enjoy it so much.  It's a new thing to explore.  New whole level i try to bring in my writing activities.  Start from the characters, the plot, the storyline, the setting.  Almost everything.  Even putting the elements i like.  Waa... can't wait to finish the story.  I write quite fast, can't wait to end it.  I have lessen my sleeping time, lessen my watching time, lessen my shopping time and even lessen my reading time.  All for focus on this story.  I just hope it would go as I planned, that the storyline won't change during the writing. >.<

Yup, i guess it's enough now.  See you guys not anytime soon, huhu.... But have a great life and don't forget to pick up a book for your reading today.  And do write. LOL. Haha...

Lots of love,